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Our first love is restoring log homes and wood siding, but we are a full service wood care company also offering new construction and maintenance staining services.


Our business is based on taking our standard of workmanship seriously and providing professional customer service.

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About Us

Wood Restorations is a team of professional tradesmen with a focus on providing a positive customer experience. For us the keys to a successful project are:


  • Clear and effective communication
  • Thorough surface preparation prior to applying stain
  • Use of top quality stain products
  • Providing a beautiful end product that lasts and is easily maintained
  • Taking care to respect our customer’s property
  • Delivering good value


Our primary process is to use media blasting to remove existing coatings and strip back to bare wood prior to re-staining. Media blasting uses compressed air to ‘blast’ small sand like particles onto wood surfaces. Once the surface has been thoroughly prepared, our expert finishers use airless sprayers and brush-work to apply top quality stains.


Prior to commencing work, and throughout the process we take great care to cover windows and adjoining surfaces in order to protect them. As part of this process we lay tarps during blasting to collect our spent blast media to allow us to remove it from site at the completion of work. Any trace amounts of media left behind are environmentally safe (chemically inert) and simply incorporate into the soil with no impact on people, plants or pets!


Each project has unique requirements and not all projects require media blasting. We also offer a number of alternative processes and services to meet the needs of our customers and their projects.


Additional Services:

  • Power Washing
  • Maintenance Coating / Re-staining
  • New Construction Preparation & Staining
  • Hand sanding
  • Interior/Exterior
  • ‘Off Season’ (Nov-Apr) Media blasting services for masonry restoration, pools, boats, etc



Restoring the Natural Beauty of Wood!



We take a great deal of pride in not only preserving and protecting wooden structures, but also doing it in an environmentally sensitive way. Our process of removing coatings by media blasting is not only effective, it is also often the best alternative to using heavy chemical strippers and cleaning agents. Most of the media types that we use are either composed of recycled materials, like glass, or are by-products of mining that would otherwise be disposed of as waste. In all cases, our media is ‘chemically inert’ it does not off-gas or otherwise pollute in any way, helping to keep waterways and property safe and healthy!


Our stains and coatings are also environmentally responsible and avoid the use of harsh chemical solvents. Unlike in the past, environmentally sensitive products do not mean less effective. Our primary product line, Sansin EnviroStains is widely recognized as amongst the best stains available, they have and continue to be at the forefront of coatings innovation.



Cousins and Co-Owners Jordan and Mike

Wood Restorations operates out of Bancroft and Guelph servicing across Ontario. Including Haliburton, Bancroft, Kawartha’s, Muskoka, Lake Huron, Southern Ontario.


We’d be Happy to Speak to You about your Project!


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